Thursday, December 1, 2011

The visiting Redtail Fox

On Thanksgiving we had a visitor, a lovely red fox.  I needed to take some shots of something that day for a photography class I am taking, needed some depth of field, and then there was my subject.  My sisters were giving me sibling grief when I used the words "depth of field"....they must not tried to get beyond the point and shoot cameras yet....but I brushed them off saying "what do they know anyway..."

This was my favorite of the fox

Was very funny reaction from my middle sister, after I sent her the fox in her yard photo, she emailed me back and asked me if she could use it for a Christmas card.... I sort of smiled a bit and wanted to say something smug, but decided not to give into that attitude and instead replied "certainly"...and added "this was working with the depth of field, I will show you this next time we are at your home, enjoy the shot..."

This fox came so close to me I got the shot I wanted, his eyes,

Was he so beautiful?   Thanksgiving Day visitor, from the forest to my camera....I was well pleased...



  1. Beautiful pictures. I've had depth of field explained a dozen times but still tend to point and shoot :-) Maybe I'll get the book out again.

  2. Wow. What gorgeous photos! I too am always thankful for these kinds of visitors....but have never been able to capture them as you have here.