Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time slips away so fast....

To me I am impressed by those of you who can blog often.  My goodness it is a commitment.  The last time I was on this page it was before Christmas.   The time has been taken up by so many things since then.  My mother-in-law caught pneumonia and husband had to go to Texas, year-end started at work with no PTO for January allowed, New Years with hubby for three days, one weekend day of fishing the Big T, taking my Mom out of her senior home (akin to get out of jail free card for her).... and then the normal daily chores and tasks.    And then football with the Broncos.   I have not sat through a game in years...way too long for me to watch TV, but I did for these guys, I love surprises.   

So I wish I could have written down a few of my thoughts on this world we live in since then.

The short version, yes I was good girl and I have new flyrod!  RL Winston...which I was able to break-in a few weekends ago, the day after New Years.  We could only fish about an hour and a half on the Big T, but that was ok.   I put on what was suggested for a midge, then nothing.  So I had these tiny Zebra's in my bag of tricks, and buy of the week during last summer, and pushed by the Bass Pro friend I know at their shop, and doggone if that little Zebra worked like a gem, hooked into a 14" brown.   Funny as I felt an odd "caught on a rock" feel, then it released.   I thought "hmm...try that spot again" and the second hold on the line felt like I hooked up with a cabbage, ha ha, that is the only way to describe it.  Was not a quick jerk, was more like a slow pull.  I am still learning how fish take flies at different times of the year.  I have never fished in January, I hear fish are a little slower.   Do you find that true?  When a rainbow hits, I know it!  And often it is the reel stripping out or a fish sailing out of the water....maybe not with a winter Brown?

Another thought that I wanted to share was my discovery of why I am not able to find orange roughy in very many places these shopping days.   So I Googled why that may be, and was amazed to see this fish is being over fished by the industry to the point of being placed on a fish watch, where the availability is taken out of the market.   I love this fish, delicate and white, flaky.   But when I found what they look like I was just smiling, what a funny fish, orange as a sunset.  A bit unattractive.  They were once name Slimeheads, as they are that family.   The name was changed to Orange Roughy.   I wonder why?  Smile.   Maybe if they go back to Slimehead no one will buy them.   On my review of this fish, they say that the orange roughy in your freezer is most likely older than your grandmother!   They easily were catching fish over 100 years old.   Now I know that large cod can get to be 50 years old, and big ones are not around any more, but the oldest roughy caught was aged at 149 years and a hundred pounds.   At that age and size, they cannot reproduce any longer at a proper rate to compete with the fishing industry catch.  So, conclusion, no more Orange Roughy for me.   I as for Cod, I so respect that piece of fish when I get the good ones at places like the Yorkshire in Thornton.  Small little fish diner, and you would never guess that the fish would be so wonderful in such a tiny little place, but it is.   My bottom line point here is fish is going to be a big diminishing  commodity in the world going into the future, the whole idea of a plate of fish is going to change.   They are disappearing.  Literally.  Some countries rely solely on fish that we call a lesser quality.   Funny, I am seeing Talapia everywhere and not long ago that was not a fish you could find.   Easy to catch, plentiful, and cheap.   Small and reproduce fast.   Sorry for us though, little skinny on the plate.  Fancy restaurants serving Talapia?  Wow was my thought.    What would the world do without fish watch?    Read the book "Cod" sometime.  Very interesting.

And we lost a friend last weekend, passed away.   That takes ones breath away.   I always assume everyday the world won't change much.  But it did.  He was well liked, someone I could talk about those "forbidden" subjects, politics and religion, and he never made me feel defensive, but made me think out of the box.   The world is less of a great place without him. 

And last, New Year's resolutions.   Sure I make some, why not.   One was to get back to the gym as I have been out for a bit of time.  Have a little heart issue, fast beating that is not good when it goes on, has a fancy name but I cannot spell it at the moment.   The last time I went to the gym it happened there, and sent me to the ER.  That was a year ago.  Since then my heart Dr said "get back to the gym, you are ok for that" finally I did.   Did great.  Getting over that phobia.   I was so happy.   No, I did not push it much, just did it, and well.  Never thought at my young age I would have a heart doctor, jeez.

Also I have a new photography class coming up, excited about that, and I have been working on  my photos in PhotoShop, which I am proud of as CS5 is such a powerful program.  Sold a photo, amazing for me that it was sought after by a friend who saw it on my Facebook page.  I got a big old dead tree trunk out of this shot, whoo hoo, I was very happy, it was what you saw when shot was to the printer this week!

So I have been a busy girl.  

These were the winter flies to use for the Big T, have you ever used them before, any thoughts?

I have found a few quiet moments this morning to finally blog, so I am keeping up with the task.  For you who do this often, I love your blogs that I take the time to read, each of you has your own style, and I like the variety. 

Here is to a Happy New Year, lots of fishing (we need some snow or we are going to be pressed to find good water!), good health, success when needed, relax time when desired, and to America as we need a shot of something good to get us back up and going again....  this hope and change thing has me wondering where it is...(my one little glimmer of politics here).

One of my days in RMNP in the fall, this shot keeps me going....

Going fishing today, you all have a great week...


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