Friday, September 14, 2012

The phone call came, new rod, reel are in....!

I ordered new rods and reels about ten days ago....I have done this before, four times.   It is a bit like learning to ski, buy the ones that will get you down the slop, and then out ski them, buy the next step up, learn the back bowls of Vail in the late '70's when Vail was $10 a day to ski and I could park in the front row of the parking lot, walk to the booth.   One set after another, taking one down the hills in a nicer way, equipment does make a difference.

So in 1989 my papa gave me his Sage graphite.   Class rod at the time.  SA reel.  I was smokin', but then got distracted with a Harley Davidson in my life.  But every time I rode past waters the feeling was there, jealousy.   I missed the waters.  But one can only be in one place at one time.

Then I sold the Harley, husband sold his.  Decade of riding, was time for quiet change.  So we bought Ross rods and reels, made in Colorado at the time.  Bought another Ross for me, for bigger fish.   Then my wonderful neighbor gave me her Orvis 2-1/4 rod and very nice reel, just because she loves me....

Then I went out with my guide friend, used an RLW, wonderful rod, so I bought one of those.  Bought a new little Orvis reel as the above one locked up, I was in tears...have to figure that one out, send it to England or something!  

Now after fishing my special place, with my special guide, I used a Baron IIt, my gosh I loved it for those types of waters. 

I fished so well with it, spot on.   As in skies, there is difference in equipment.   So put in an order four days after Wild Basin, there ya go!

Not only did I get the rod, but a Lamson Litespeed....and my husband a the same set up.  He has earned it.  Goes everywhere I send us, with a smile and does all the prep for a fishing weekend, have to love that.

So, Sunday I get the new rigs.  The way I look at it is I am not rich, a simple smart working woman, for over 40 years I have counted the beans for others, and well.   If I wait until someday, it may not come.  I want to live now, and out loud, and catch fish, and finely.  I am so excited I am up late typing this as I can't sleep, think of fishing.  Think of water sounds, think of Legands of the Fall and his casting.  Think of brookies leaping up water falls, think of the Greenback Cuttie that I have yet to trek for, and I know where I am going, maybe not this year, too high and too late.   But we will be in Steamboat last week of September, new territory, new waters, new tales, new adventures....and Walden over the hill.

Now I will have a greenstick....and this weekend....!

Also a flashlight down my waders to find that darn leak!

Life is good.  When I am too old to use this rod, it is nice enough I will had it to one of my four grandchildren, and step to the side of a stream and show them how it is done...maybe the seed will be planted for another generation.

I am glad these rods have warranties!   They have a story to start!

Tight lines, tight knots...


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