Sunday, September 9, 2012

THE stream of choice this summer, the St Vrain....

Needless to say it has been many moons, and this last month a Blue Moon, since I had the time and space to update this blog.  Winter moved along...and spring followed, now late Summer is surrounding me...and today I have a bit of time to note that I have found a gem in Colorado, the St Vrain area at Wild Basin.

All summer I have been tracking up and down Glacier Creek in RMNP, and it has been a gem of a trek.  What has been nice is that Bear Lake road has closed after 9 a.m., and therefore very few fishermen are getting up there while the road is reconstructed.  So that means on Glacier Creek we have had very little company, except for the fish.

So that has gone along well.  But sometimes you want a change of stream, a different background you might say, and different waters.  So we took a day to the Upper Big Thompson, and lo and behold that is where all the people are, not able to get up to Sprague Lake and Bear Lake.  With their kids and rocks, their kids and dogs, their water dogs, their passion to fish even if it is right next to you, they are all there.  I shall not complain any longer, they give Colorado much needed revenue.  But really, baby stroller and three children along a fishing trail, screaming children at that, and stopping right next to a flyfisherperson?   Hmmm....

So it was time for my annual solo guide trip.   Just said, "let's change it up, take me to somewhere new, special, I am ready..."

So to Wild Basin we go....

This was taken by my trusty guide....after much bushwhacking and navigating...and what a day it was.   Lots of Brookies, lovely of all the fish in the high mountains of Colorado.  Pocket waters.  A day trip.  Few bruises on my legs, I am tiny person, so these trees are something to climb over...but we did fine.  Was terribly exciting.

Now I know what the Trout Bum was talking about.....I get it.

So that was a weekday.   The following weekend I took my husband to same trail and off we headed.  And what a day we had.  He owes me for being his guide.   These are not easy waters to navigate.  We found a falls where the Brookies were leaping out of the water....and children on a bridge were ecstatic.   Which I was too.   Those children I had not problem with.  Every fish that tried they cheered.

And I found a honey hole, my new word.  No one will find it again soon, it was just the right time of day, the right bugs on the water, a feeding lane, and the right dry fly on my line.  I could not believe how much fun this hole was, I called her the Unlimited.

Yesterday was a solo day for me, hubby wanted to stay home, I wanted to grab the fading summer one more time.   Next two weekends are all family, so no waters to my butt on those take Summer in my hand for one more day....

First the Big Thompson, low water and lazy fish.  Sipping my flies.  That just send my excitement level up, just to flatten it out when they say, "nope...changed my mind..."

Then Moraine Park, after everyone has taken any Brown and Brookie home for dinner, most likely still in their freezers...those few could not be inspired to bite hard.  And then the rutt is on, off the meadow at 5:00.

On the way home thought, Wild Basin, what, it is 5:20, why not?    I am sure that moose we heard about is far away now, the one we passed on the way out as I was fishing every little spot and husband was giving me "the look", and the hole I passed up on was the one with the moose.  Bull.  Whew.   Not the way I want to end the day, well sort of do, but sort of don't.  Rutt for them too.  They will charge a paper bag this time of year.

So I find my little safe area, the one where I put in Caddis emerger and Bam, and my husband says "damn" then my name.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?   Ha, I smile and say, want to see what is on here?

My best two words that day were "got one!"....

My little area does that same last night, in the dimming light, fish after fish take my fly.  No I did not bring any to the net, or to my hands, but it was fun just the same.  I was so nervous about it getting dark, about bear and moose, and I had taken off my waders, boots, just fishing in hiking sandals, no one was around at all, not one soul.  Not a car, not a sound.  Water can be quite noisy, causing you to not hear things near you.   Snap of a twig is about all it takes in fading sunlight to cause the face to turn around.  That to a suburban girl is intimidating!   But I love it the same.  It was so much fun.

The fish for me were not large this last three weeks, but fun and full of fight.  Few Browns I was able to get in those waters, but mostly Brookies.  When you look at the area it is a lot of work to get those guys, and I can see how it does not get fished out.

I would not want to be in this area in high winds!

Hidden gem in Colorado.   I will be back, hopefully.  I heard that it was good fishing this year as we have had low rainfall.  Under normal years this stream can kick butt.

All I know is I had a wonderful three weeks for the Wild Basin drainage area...

Inspired me to say " I am a flyfisherman, I am.  I am a good flyfisherman, I am." 

And I now have leaky waders.  My first badge.

And to reward myself, a new RLW flyrod and Lamson reel ordered and on the way, just for these type of waters, that ask for a delicate fly.

Off to Steamboat at the end of September, for more fish and maybe more moose.  I will be careful what I wish for!

Have a wonderful late summer and autumn....has been a wonderful year of fishing!

Tight knots!


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