Monday, February 6, 2012

what to do on a snowy birthday...

My birthday was Friday.   Just like any birthday, but it snowed, and snowed and snowed.  I had taken the day off to go shoot photos, and maybe get something interesting.   Well, I did not leave the much for a good plan. 

But I did get into my Photoshop guts and worked on some filters.  So the day was not lost.  I took some shots and made them in a form for a calander that I am working on.  Little project just for fun.  I am such a rookie, but one has to step out there sometimes and be bold.

Here are a few I liked, just the basis for making a project.

So I guess it was not a bad day after all!


  1. Any day you can spend doing something you love is a great day...Happy birthday!

  2. Well said Howard....thanks for that reminder!