Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park, aka The Park,

The first time I stepped into RMNP I was maybe nine.  I remember my Dad driving up to the top of Trail Ridge, in an older Buick, with three little girls and my mom, and stopping at the top.   It was one of those days at 12,000 feet where you could see the top of a storm in the Grand Lake area, clouds were puffy and white and quilt-like, as if the earth was covered in a white blanket.   That was it for me, I loved this place!

The Park is my favorite place to go most often.  Never leaves me wanting.  I have so many pictures that I have been lucky to have seen the shots, some a once in a lifetime for me, as I have to work and cannot always be in The Park the few days flowers are blooming, or at sunset with a full moon.   However I have been pretty lucky just being the frequent visitor.  

This was my recent trip, an early winter trip into the park and to Lily Lake, what a beautiful day.

Lily Lake


My little trout stream in Horseshoe Park

Have a great day!

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