Sunday, November 20, 2011

Youngest daughter had this idea....

Holly, my youngest, mentioned to me that I should start a blog.  Reading a blog can be so very much fun, when one has the time.   Some I enjoy.  Streams and rivers in the summer call my name so I am rarely out of the water to read or compose a blog, which equates to I have a life lived fully.  That said, here in Colorado the wind and the chill do not let the voice of the stream reach my ears.  I need a lot to do in the winter.   So I told her I will do that, start a little blog.  She and her sister live far far away, it might be the one way they can here my voice, my real voice.  Cell phones, in my opinion, are a downgrade in quality from my old LAN line, and I get a type of "stage fright" when having a conversation on a cell phone.  And it is hard to have privacy sometimes to have a quiet conversation with them.   So a blog is one way to reach them, with random thoughts and what I am up to.

Reading that sounds a bit boring, that is my fear about a blog.  I don't want to bore the reader.  And ramble on too long.  Neither bode well.  I have not idea what one blogs about, anything I guess!   A time to be creative.  Now that I do like.

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  1. It is funny...I started my blog, almost two years ago a way to "talk" to my mother in Nebraska. I'm glad you've decided to write here, and I'm looking forward to following along.