Saturday, November 19, 2011

Will I make it to December......

Lily Lake is iced over.  The park is asleep.  Small bugs are still busy under the snow and the ice, and the greenback cutthroats are feeding where they can. I count the days until spring like others count to Christmas....if I can make it to my birthday with a smile, there will be only six more weeks of winter...says the groundhog on most days. When I cannot get warm enough I think of the elk, the calves, and I feel sad for them, it is so very cold living in the forest. I will go visit Lily next weekend and fill a photo frame of her, decked with white I am sure. How many days until Christmas? I would not know...but ask me about Spring....

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  1. Growing up on a farm, I remember always thinking of the cows and horses in the cold barns....and the deer foraging in the barren cornfields. And suddenly then I felt much warmer and thankful for my home. (I can't wait for spring too.) :)