Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warm waters......

This last weekend was so very warm and I so wanted to fish, but I had little gasoline I had to open my mind and think of a way to blend both driving close and fishing....

And I am a big fan of Trout Bum, with John writing about catching Bluegill on April 15th, that is his day he fishes for day.

I tried last year.   We went to gravel ponds, I saw not one bluegill.  All the good spots were taken and it was a big pond, and lots of wind.   Was not a day I smiled at...

However driving home from grocery shopping on Saturday I passed ponds I have eyed for 45 years, right on Washington Street, at an old farm, that I used to think would have held some very large bass, it just had that look.   Driving by I see a name, Lambertson Lakes....  lakes, well to me they are still ponds.  Now owned by Open Space by the county, and open for fishing with a license.

I tell my husband on Sunday I am going to go to these little ponds and look for Bluegill, want to come?  We look it up on the web, it says 90% Bluegill, 2% Small mouth Bass.    I am smiling now.   Just maybe this early warm weather will make them think it is April 15th....after all Mother Nature operates by her own calendar.

I rig up what I think may work, as I am using my fly rod.   That is my whole quest, Bluegill on fly rod.  No worms or smelly stuff, but bugs that look yummy to a little fish.

Now you have to understand my thoughts, my friends at Bass Pro say their children, small children, catch Bluegill often.  Really?  And me, I have missed them all, but I have gone to bigger ponds, and also I have never spotted them.

We go to Lamberston Ponds and there are lots of fish splashing around.   But I spot no gills.   Then I start walking, and walking and walking.   Finally under branches lightly touching the water I see these tiny fish, next to three nice bass.   They are in a difficult spot.  But I start to fish around there, hope for a little drift.

Then I feel a tug, not a fight, but weight.   I bring up the line and there he is, my first Bluegill!   So pretty, fat heavy little guy, but a nice sized gill.

And three little children were watching me, which I get so very uncomfortable with, they may watch me trip, as I was on a slope that was iffy to say the least.   They said "what is she doing", and mommy said "Fishing"....and then I caught one.  I say "want to come see him?  He is so pretty!"  So they watched while I removed my green bug, and then we admired him, and we named him Willy, and we set him free, and we yelled "free Willy!"  Jump! 

The rest of the hour was Bluegill time.  

Eight minutes from home, in a neighborhood pond, I had a great day.  I am so surprised.

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  1. A lovely day! And bluegill are so fun on a fly rod, spunky little things.