Saturday, December 15, 2012

Summer of Content....considering the heat....

Summer here in Colorado this year was filled with record heat, and again we spent the summer in a drought of water on the front range.   Heat was so unbearable in the city that we ventured every weekend into the high country, escaping the high temperatures, and how that heat makes it difficult to cycle down bike paths, go to the park and spend a day, hike farmland trails, all much to enjoy being outdoors, but high heat meant each step or pedal would be a strain when done all the day.   We are such a short distance to the high country from our home.  I can point the SUV in that direction and she knows where to go.

Here are some photos from the summer escape...

Escaping to the high country gave us time to find wonderful animals such as the moose crossing Sprague Lake and the bears in the trees near where we were spending the week in Steamboat.  And of course the fish, the wonderful fish on my little spots that my waders have stepped into.

Hope you enjoy these shots of my summer escaping the drought and the last photo is Fall River Road on a day in autumn, looking for little fishing pockets of water for next year....

We need snow, then we need rain in the Spring.  Here's hoping.


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